The Italian word filiera, as used throughout our industry, has no English equivalent. It is used in the Italian food production industry to denote the origin and all the successive stages of development/processing of a food product. The filiera of a product comprises the various stages of a product's "development life," including its creation, processing, distribution and marketing, i.e.:
  1. the type of seed used
  2. the type/method of cultivation employed,
  3. the name of the agricultural company that produced the product,
  4. the place of storage/warehousing, and finally
  5. the type/nature of processing and packaging/wrapping used.
Filiera is also used to denote the series of checks, controls and monitoring of each stage of production of a food product....from "seed to consumer."

We directly follow and control every aspect of the production process, from the choice of seeds to the methods of cultivation, from the harvest to the kind of storage used...all of the processes employed to produce our products.

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of the word "control?" What does "we have control of the filiera" mean? The obvious questions that flow from this are "Who is the grower? Who is the processor of the food product? Who determines that everything is produced in the right way?"

We can discuss the monitoring of all of the steps and processes of growing and production (the filiera) in a case, for example involving the harvest of a Pugliese grower. His harvest is placed under contract; at the time of the harvest a subcontractor's truck arrives to pick-up and deliver it to a processing plant of another subcontractor far away in Umbria; after this stage of processing, the food product is then taken to another distant plant for additional processing and perhaps, with a little luck and after having completed the "Giro d'Italia," the merchandise arrives at the distribution warehouse. Obviously it would arrive with all of the documents of transport as well as invoices but what in fact do we know about the original product that was harvested by the Pugliese grower? What guaranties are associated with this production process...with the filiera?

We invite anyone reading this brief explanation to do the research, not stopping merely at reading labels or the product flyers. We at Agribosco have created a true filiera and have been monitoring it and working with it and growing with it for 25 years.

Identity Card of Product

The result of this work is that our food products obtain a kind of “identity card" which is one of the things that distinguishes Agribosco from its competitors.

Once harvested, the product is warehoused by Agribosco srl and marked so as to allow us to identify the specific farmer of the Consortium Agrobiologico Agribosco who produced it.

Each lot is then processed separately in our facilities to achieve the finished product. In this way we can precisely follow the production process step by step.

Furthermore, the traceability of the filiera is certified in keeping with the rules of UNI EN ISO 22005/2008 that guarantee the consumers not only the origin of the product, but also the various intermediate processes until the finished good is produced.

This is an important part of our work as it creates an "identity card" for our products containing information about the grower member of our Consortium, the location of the farm, and the quantity produced from the lot. This identity card is attached to the package label of our filiera controlled products.

We follow the seed "from the ground to the table," checking every step in the processing to guarantee to our customers the authenticity of what they are eating.