Agribosco ed INEA

Il Ministero delle Politiche Agricole attraverso l’INEA ha appena completato uno studio sulla responsabilità sociale delle imprese agricole e agroalimentari.

Con grande orgoglio anche Agribosco è uno dei casi aziendali presi in esame dallo studio insieme a Granarolo, Salumificio Veroni ed altri importanti marchi. Un riconoscimento importante al nostro lavoro e al modo con cui da decenni viene condotto.

Corporate Social Responsability

A socially responsible company responds to the demands of its employees, suppliers, communities, and customers in an integrated way. In other words, its business objective is to achieve its goals by balancing its profit goals with the economic, social and environmental consequences of all those effected by its business. These are the principles that inspire our work. We are proud to know that Agribosco represents a new system of production that provides for the lives of dozens of farmers (members of the consortium) while promoting the local small agribusinesses in our area. Our organic farmers have important responsibilities. They are the custodians of the environment, protectors of the open spaces, the biodiversity and the local traditions of our area.

Our retailers work directly and closely with us in order to ensure that the product pathway, from seed to delivery to customer, is short and efficient and is accomplished at a fair price.

Our approach also involves the use of alternative and renewable energy sources in the production of our products. The Ministry of Agriculture through the INEA has produced a study on the social responsibility of food processing and agribusiness companies. We are proud to be one of companies examined, along with Granarolo, Salumificio Veroni, and other important brands. This is a rewarding recognition for our efforts after many years of hard work.