Umbrian's Lentils with wild fennel

Ingredients (4 servings):

1 jar of Agribosco Umbrian Lentils

100 gr of smoked bacon cut in small cubes 

4 springs of wild fennel

1 small onions

4 oranges

salt & pepper


Boil in a pan the fennel.
Take out the pulp from the oranges and get the juice (it is needed half glass)

In a different panl, cook the onion, add the bacon, the peeper and the fennel and then the  cooked lentils.

Cook for about 10 minutes and add half glass of orange juice.

Fill the empty oranges with the lentils and serve them warm along with toasted bread.

You will have a tasty and fragrant dish in a short time, so that even people with a busy life will be able to eat prperly and especially HEALTHY.

Buon Appetito!